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    With every purchase made there is a happy dance and excitement when I get to bling and then package your order!


    Each order is looked over with care to ensure only the best quality before being shipped out. Products are 100% handmade made with love!


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About Me!

Hey Lovelies!

Let me introduce myself. I'm Cassie! I'm a bling artist! Blinging is my passion! I started blinging in 2017 but decided officially start my business back in December of 2022 to offer a wide variety of my bling budget binders and a wide of variety of other blinged items! Hence the "Plus" in my business name!

So for all the newbies out there, thinking of purchasing a budget binder, here are some facts you should know!

So... What the heck is budget binder anyway?

A budget binder is another way to save your money for whatever your goal is. Whether it's for a rainy day, getting a few months ahead on your bill payments, gifts, an allowance, etc. and in my case getting a handle on my impulse shopping! It's just so convenient to order online and swipe when you don't see where your money is going!

Most budget binders comes with, budget trackers, lined sheets and of course budget envelopes! You use the envelopes to place your cash inside them every week and then use the trackers to track your expenses. Once you've obtained your goal, you can use it for what you saved for or place it into a high interest savings account which doesn't have easy accessible access to. Whatever your choice, save what you can when you can. It all adds Up! Also with cash in your budget binder, it carries much more value because it's tangible.

So just enjoy the process! I handcrafted these budget binders and envelopes to make budgeting more fun and unique! And have many many blinged items for personal use and gifting! Thank you in advance for supporting my small business!

♡ Cassie

  • FAQ

    Why are your products so expensive?

    My products are all handmade by me only. My product prices covers my time, re-stock of items and materials used that go into each product. It also allows me to keep making beautiful products for customers like you!

    I appreciate all the support for my small business. Keep in mind, I am much more affordable than big brand retailers. I stand by the quality of my products for my customers.

    I appreciate every single customer who supports my small business. I source my items using my own money, so the price is reflective of that. When you buy from a small business, you're making the small business owner's dreams come true one sale at a time! Thank you all in advance for your support.

  • FAQ

    I had a product in my cart and it disappeared when I was checking out! What happened?

    Unfortunately, just because an item is in your cart, does not mean that you are guaranteed to get that item. Someone may have checked out faster with the same item. But products are also made to order so just send in inquiry on the product you'd like to be made.

  • FAQ

    Do you accept refund or exchanges?

    Unfortunately, there are no refunds and/or exchanges.